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Full Review: OddsMonkey

I’ve been using OddsMonkey for a month now and made just over £500 from matched betting just a couple of hours a week.  This is whilst working full time, having a social life and enough time for me to pursue my hobbies.  I have previously posted an introduction to matched betting and my first experience… Continue reading Full Review: OddsMonkey

Book reviews

Book Review: Money: Know More, Make More, Give More

Money: Know More, Make More, Give More is written by Rob Moore who became a multi-millionaire by setting up his own company in the property sector.  Money is an inspiring book, sharing with you simple ideas for managing your money better and how to create a plan to build wealth and become financially independent.  As someone who endeavours to become financially independent through self-employment, I found Money to be a truly fascinating read, it really opened my eyes to what is achievable and I am all the more motivated after reading this book.

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How an Interest Rate Rise Could Affect You

Background  The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) is responsible for setting the Bank Rate. The goal is to keep the supply and demand of goods and services roughly equal, resulting in a rate of inflation of 2%.  This keeps the price of goods relatively stable whilst allowing economic growth. Consumer Price Index (CPI)… Continue reading How an Interest Rate Rise Could Affect You

Personal Finance

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

For many people, debt has become the norm.  Debt can be used to make small every day purchases such as milk to large one in a lifetime purchases such as a family home.  There are those that consider all debt to be bad and should be paid off as soon as possible.  However not all… Continue reading Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Making money

Selling T-shirts: CafePress vs Zazzle vs Teespring vs RedBubble

In a previous post I touched upon selling T-shirts in order to generate a passive income stream, this post is explores where to sell T-shirts. Print-on-demand websites are becoming increasingly popular and a great way to generate an additional income for sellers.  More and more people are purchasing goods online, they are free for sellers… Continue reading Selling T-shirts: CafePress vs Zazzle vs Teespring vs RedBubble

Book reviews

Book Review: The Money Tree: Money, how to make it, save it and grow it

The Money Tree is a great addition to the bookshelf for those who want a basic understanding of personal finance.  Written by Martin Bamford, an experienced chartered financial planner, the book provides an overview of: Debt Savings Mortgages Protection Investments Tax and retirement planning The purpose of The Money Tree is to help you: Take… Continue reading Book Review: The Money Tree: Money, how to make it, save it and grow it

Making money

Brainstorm: Active Income Ideas

Ultimately the goal is to generate passive income streams and I have discussed the reason for this in the article ‘Why you should want to generate passive income streams’.  However it will take time to generate passive income and if you want to get started in investing you will need some starting capital, therefore in… Continue reading Brainstorm: Active Income Ideas