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Full Review: OddsMonkey

I’ve been using OddsMonkey for a month now and made just over £500 from matched betting just a couple of hours a week.  This is whilst working full time, having a social life and enough time for me to pursue my hobbies.  I have previously posted an introduction to matched betting and my first experience of it.  Now that I been using it for a month and experienced most of the features it has to offer, I thought it would be appropriate to complete a detailed review.


OddsMonkey is one of the cheaper monthly subscription options for a matched betting service at £15 per month.  You can also get an annual subscription for £150.  Considering I earned £503 in total during October, I would say this is well worth the price.  Let’s not forget this is TAX FREE.  I have only been matched betting 2-3 hours a week, you could easily make even more if you choose to put more hours into it.

OddsMonkey also offer a 30 day free trial providing you with access to two offers, from which you can make a guaranteed £45 profit.

Training and Tutorials

OddsMonkey provide various training guides accommodating to both beginners and advanced users.  I find the video guides incredibly helpful but they are only available with some of the training guides, I would prefer OddsMonkey to have more video guides available.  Of the guides I have used, I found them all to be very easy to understand, they are available for you to read and digest as many times as you wish until you get comfortable with them.

The training guides are extensive and cover a wide variety of offers including for new and existing customers, casino, bingo, horse racing guides.

OddsMonkey training


The new account offers are split into categories including bookmakers, casino & games and bingo.  Each category is then split further into the type of offers available and each offer is also given a rank of easy, average or hard.  Each offer also tells you the minimum you are expected to make.  This organisation and the way the offers are laid out makes it very easy to find offers that suit you.  For example, I started with the easy offers that made me the most profit, this was to ensure that I made the most out of those few hours a week.

There are still plenty of New Account Offers available to me, so I should be able to continue making this level of income over the next couple of months.  If you choose to put in more hours than me you can easily exceed the profit I have made by an extra few hundred pounds.

Once you have exhausted the New Account Offers, you can move onto the Daily Offer Calendar.  This updates each day with offers for existing customers, today’s Daily Offer Calendar is showing a total of 68 offers, so there are more than enough to keep busy.


OddsMonkey provides various tools to make your matched betting life easier and does all the work for you, all you need to do is follow the instructions.

The OddsMatcher provides you with thousands of matched betting opportunities, you can sort these by bookie, date and more.  They are presented in order of how close the back and lay bets are, therefore makes it easier to find bets that will maximise your profits.  The OddsMatcher lays out the information in an easy to read manner, you can easily see the details of each matched betting opportunity at a glance.  They are continuously updated every few minutes so you can ensure the odds displayed are accurate.

OddsMonkey Oddsmatcher

The OddsMatcher allows you to open a calculator, this has four options to choose from depending on the type of matched betting offer you are completing.  This calculator can be used in a simple or advanced mode, the instructions for each matched betting offer will tell you which mode to use the calculator in.  This is very simple to use and clearly tells you what your profit will be.  There are other ‘matcher’ tools available such as Racing, Tennis, Eachway, Dutch and Extra Place.  Some bookies have more specific offers available in which case these additional matchers become very useful.

Various spreadsheets are available for your use to keep track of things such as accumulators and profits, as well as providing a training guide for each.

OddsMonkey also has an in-built profit tracker, this keeps track of all ongoing and settled bets, money made from each offer and the event details of the bet placed.  It is simple to use and you can add your own notes, which I tend to do quite often, for example when there is a lot of wagering to complete so that I know how far along I am.

OddsMonkey profit tracker

Community and Support

OddsMonkey have an active community on their forums, other members are very helpful in providing answers and explaining anything you don’t understand.  You can also book in 30 minute one to one sessions for no additional costs if you have any further questions or need help.

Betting Exchange

As a sidenote, OddsMonkey does partner with Betfair so the website does refer to Betfair as the betting exchange of choice, however I tend to use Smarkets as my go to betting exchange.  Smarkets make it easy to search for a particular bet and I find it has plenty of matched betting opportunitites and money available in the exchange.


OddsMonkey has made my venture into matched betting easy and stress free.  All the hard work is done for me.  The website is very user friendly and has plenty of training and support available if you are unsure of anything.  Overall, my experience with OddsMonkey has been fantastic and I would highly recommend it.

4 thoughts on “Full Review: OddsMonkey

  1. I use OddsMonkey too, I have been matched betting for years, and I am happy to pay them to do all the hard work for me – who wants to sit there scrutinising t & C’s? The £15 a month pays for itself within 1-2 days each month.

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