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Stop Keeping Up With The Joneses

We are all influenced by those around us and it is hard not to compare ourselves to them.  Seeing all the pictures on social media of friends and family having an amazing time on holiday, going on nights out, showing off a new car makes us want the same things.  As we spend more and more time… Continue reading Stop Keeping Up With The Joneses

Personal Finance

Good Financial Habits to Start Today

Most of the things we do every day we do from habit.  It's the same with finances, where you are spending your money, how much you are spending and what you are buying is likely down to habit.  What brands you by products from, which shops to go to, the morning coffee or buying lunch… Continue reading Good Financial Habits to Start Today

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Millenials Should Hope the Stock Market Falls

Many people would think this is a strange comment to make.  Why would anyone hope for the stock market to fall?  Surely we’d all be better off if the stock market was rising?  I can see why you would think this considering the way the media report on the stock market suggests anything other than… Continue reading Millenials Should Hope the Stock Market Falls

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How to create a budget

I know the thought of creating a budget doesn't sound like a lot of fun but if you want financial security and to reach your financial goals than creating a budget and tracking your expenses is vital.  I have created an easy to follow step-by-step plan below with a downloadable monthly template. Why should you… Continue reading How to create a budget

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The Money Taboo

Recently I went out to dinner with a group of friends to celebrate a new job offer for a friend.  One friend asked what her new salary is because she was also thinking of working the same field.  But there was no response, just a disgusted look that she was even asked the question.  The… Continue reading The Money Taboo

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October 2017 Review

I started My Side Hustle mid September so October has been my first full month of blogging. I do this in addition to a full time job so I have limited time to dedicate to My Side Hustle. This blog has become a creative outlet for me and I am hooked, I hope you enjoy… Continue reading October 2017 Review

Personal Finance

Why you should track your expenses

You've spent all your monthly income but you have nothing to show for it and you don't understand where your money is going.  Does this sound familiar to you? I learnt a lot from tracking my expenses for a year, I think tracking expenses is vital for anyone that wants to manage their finances better and… Continue reading Why you should track your expenses