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November 2017 Review

November is the second full month of starting My Side Hustle.  It’s been an incredibly busy month for me at work as I’ve been doing a lot of overtime but I’ve still managed to keep up with blogging.  The matched betting has slowed down due to the lack of time but I’ve still made a decent profit overall this month.

Additional income

Total income: £488
Matched betting: £288
HSBC current account switch: £200

Expenses: £15 OddsMonkey subscription.
Net income: £473

I received the HSBC switch bonus very early in November so I slowed down the matched betting considerably.  I also had a very busy November so overall I’m happy with this amount.  I mainly used OddsMonkey subscription service for matched betting (see my review here), I have also recently started using MatchedBets and I will publish a full review of this soon.  I did receive a tiny amount of affiliate income, but I’m not going to include it as income until I’ve received a payout.  (Note: HSBC have now withdrawn there switching offer.  The £150 bonus was supposed to be paid in December and £50 after 12 months, the reason I received it early is they made an error with my switch and to compensate gave me the full bonus straightaway).

My Side Hustle blog

Total blog views: 1,326. This has increased from October which I am pleased with.  I don’t have a target for the number of blog views, as long as it is going up I am happy.  The number of unique visitors has actually gone down since October but this means they are sticking around on my site for longer as the overall views have gone up.  Search engines have been my greatest source of traffic, I didn’t expect to get so much organic traffic so soon but I’m definitely not complaining.

Domain authority: 10.  I did one guest post over at Chammy IRL, I think this is what caused my domain authority to increase from only 1!  My intention is to continue to increase my domain authority so if anyone is looking for someone to guest post for them and you like my content then get in touch.

The most viewed post was October 2017 Review, I’m assuming this is simply because people are interested in how to make money.  The post that generated the most comments was The Money Taboo, it’s an emotive topic that gets people thinking.

Social Media

Social media

Twitter followers: almost doubled to 163.  My Twitter followers are increasing nicely but I am not generating that much traffic from Twitter.  I’ve decided against branching out to other social media platforms until I get a decent level of traffic from Twitter.  I think it’s better to concentrate on one at a time.

Direction for my blog:

I intend to set up a mailing list next month so keep you all updated on my blog posts.  I have a massive list of ideas for blog posts. Talking to friends and family I’ve noticed there are a lot of misconceptions regarding some personal finance topics and a lot of concepts that people do not fully understand, if there is anything you want me to cover in a future post please let me know in the comments below or contact me.

What do I intend to do with this extra money?

  • Most will go into my Stocks & Shares ISA because ultimately the goal is financial freedom. In order to meet this goal I intend to invest as much of my monthly income as possible.
  • I have set up a direct debt to the Save the Children charity. Now that I have extra income I want to do something productive with it, considering matched betting income is tax free I have chosen to give back to society and help others.
  • Lastly, I think I deserve to treat myself so I put £50 aside for an extra couple of tennis lessons.

Save the children

Why am I sharing this?

I want to show people how easy (or hard!) it is to make a little extra money, whether your goal is to get out of debt, save to buy a house or just more money to invest. You may be in the same position as me, I have a full time job that I am progressing well in, but I know I will not receive a meaningful pay rise. So instead of waiting for my employer to maybe increase my salary at some point in the future, I’ve taken my income into my own hands and given myself that pay rise. I hope my progress inspires others to take their income into their own hands.

6 thoughts on “November 2017 Review

  1. That’s a great amount of extra income! I have never tried switching bank accounts for the bonuses because it seems like too much hassle, but £200 is very tempting. If you are still looking for guest post opportunities I would be happy to host one 🙂 you can email me on boostmybudget at gmail dot com if you like!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A lot of people think it will be a hassle but I’ve done it a few times and it’s always gone smoothly and a surprisingly easy process. Banks and building societies have signed up to a switch guarantee where they transfer all your direct debits and standing orders to your new account for you.

      Thank you for the offer of a guest post.


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