Book reviews

Book Review: Smarter Investing

More and more people are going down the route of DIY investing and you may be thinking of doing the same.  But what do you invest in?  How should you structure your portfolio?  Should you try timing the market, buying low and selling high?  Or should you take the passive investing approach and buy the… Continue reading Book Review: Smarter Investing

Personal Finance

ISAs Explained

What is an ISA? An Individual Savings Account (ISA) is an account that allows you to save or invest entirely tax-free.  There are currently four different types of ISAs available: Cash ISA Stocks & Shares ISA Innovative Finance ISA Lifetime ISA You are able to stash up to £20,000 per year in ISA accounts, which… Continue reading ISAs Explained

Personal Finance

Millenials Should Hope the Stock Market Falls

Many people would think this is a strange comment to make.  Why would anyone hope for the stock market to fall?  Surely we’d all be better off if the stock market was rising?  I can see why you would think this considering the way the media report on the stock market suggests anything other than… Continue reading Millenials Should Hope the Stock Market Falls

Book reviews

Book Review: The Money Tree: Money, how to make it, save it and grow it

The Money Tree is a great addition to the bookshelf for those who want a basic understanding of personal finance.  Written by Martin Bamford, an experienced chartered financial planner, the book provides an overview of: Debt Savings Mortgages Protection Investments Tax and retirement planning The purpose of The Money Tree is to help you: Take… Continue reading Book Review: The Money Tree: Money, how to make it, save it and grow it

Making money

Brainstorm: Passive Income Ideas (Part 2)

Part 1 explored passive income streams that require little or no start up capital. Part 2 explores passive income streams that can be obtained once savings have built up. The problem in today’s economy is low interest rates, average savings rates are lower than inflation which means the real value of your savings reduces year… Continue reading Brainstorm: Passive Income Ideas (Part 2)